Ray’s Auto Body is a family-owned auto repair and used car dealership which has been in business in Jackson, Wisconsin since 1963. It was bought by Ray and Colleen Flowers in 1963 and they rented the property for $60 a month. It lays back in the busy streets of Highway 60 and Jackson Drive and is also in the historic streets of Jackson. The building itself was built in 1915 and was purchased when it was 48 years old. Ray and Colleen finished their last payment on the building in 1981. When Ray Flowers passed away in 2002, his children Brian and Dawn Flowers ran the business. If your cars have any issues, Ray’s Auto Body is welcome to fix them!


The building was constructed in 1915 and used to be called Froehlich’s Garage. Here is a photo of a car taken in 1917 shown on the left side of the building (top) and the car in 2014 below hooked on a trailer (bottom).

Ray's Auto Body in 1917.
Rays Auto Body Original Car in the Photo.

Here are one of the logos shown in the 1917 photo. We think it’s one of them.